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UAS Solutions


Whether you are in the construction industry or engaged in State and local government, ECA can help you incorporate this new and exciting technology into your workflow and collect high-precision aerial data.

ECA offers Security Surveillance Plans to include SCADA design and protection as well as Aerial Drone services

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UAS Capabilities
  • Visual, spectral, and thermal examination of structures

  • Photography and cartographic survey

  • Security surveillance

  • Emergency response including SAR

  • Atmospheric research

  • Facilitation of communications and broadcast

  • Small package and bulk cargo transport

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What is a UAS network and what does it do?

• A UAS network is a system of aviation technologies that forms a complete solution for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) commercial drone operations. It is comprised of electronic sensors, radios, displays, communications equipment, and the software that links and operates the whole system. 
• UAS networks connect the remote pilot with the unmanned aircraft operating tens or hundreds of miles away — in real-time. They transmit the pilot’s command to UAS and provide them with complete situational awareness of the airspace. 
• A UAS network is defined by exceptionally high levels of operational performance, reliability, and resilience to adverse events. To achieve this level of performance, the UAS networks incorporate safety-certified, aviation-grade technologies. 
• Only FAA-authorized, aviation-grade technologies like a UAS network can enable commercial UAS to operate beyond the line of sight of the remote pilot, unlocking the benefits of UAS technology for cities, states, and their citizens. 

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